Full Version: Book: Ready Player One
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Great book, great premise, full of 80's and gaming references. I'm only about 15% of the way through it and loving it.

I've provided epub and mobi formats here so if you have a kindle then you can upload:


Amazon link here :

sounds interesting, ill stick it on my list but im currently on book 1 of 14 of the dresden series
forgot to say, I got this book for my holiday and it was awesome,
excellent book.
just finished reading it, didnt read like a typical book, read like it really was wrote by a gamer explaining his game to someone, pretty good
just read today, steven spielberg is making this into a film
hopefully it will be good, although I can imagine it wont be LOL
yeah i imagine a maze runner or divergent feeling film, decent but cant live up to the book, but we can only wait and see